Family-Owned & Inspired

The name for Queenie’s Home is inspired by our beloved family matriarch, Cynthia, whom all of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren adoringly call “Queenie”.

  • An Eye for Design

    Queenie has impeccable taste when it comes to the presentation of herself and her home. For her, home-making is an art. With an elegant touch, she blends traditional patterns with her chosen color pallette to make each room its own. Light sage green acts as her artist’s signature on her home.

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  • A Curated Collection

    Queenie only brings items into her home that reflect her personality, priorities, and values. The spaces in her home are curated, comfortable, and inviting. She will offer you a soft blanket for your lap or an elegant throw pillow for your back. A visitor can always rest in the comfort of being truly welcome.

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