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What is Queenie's Home

Queenie’s Home is a family-owned manufacturer and retailer of custom home décor products.

Our goal is to give every design-conscious buyer creative freedom. We offer diverse designs and allow buyers to use their own images to create the perfect product for any room.

What We Do

At Queenie’s Home we offer more than custom décor, we bring warmth to the rooms where your family laughs, loves, and grows.

Our mission is to make our customers into creators. That’s why Queenie’s Home brings you elegant designs as well as the ability to upload your own photos and designs. True freedom in what you create means a home more royally you.

Our process is create-on-demand which means we don’t keep stock in a warehouse. Every product you order from Queenie’s Home is produced just for you!

Who is Queenie

The name for Queenie’s Home is inspired by our beloved family matriarch, Cynthia, whom her grandchildren adoringly call “Queenie”.

Queenie has always had an impeccable taste when it comes to the presentation of herself and her home. Traditional styles in rich colors fill each room with a welcoming warmth and act as her signature on her home. She may not live in an actual royal palace but her traditional home feels regal in every sense of the word.

Queenie decorates her home in a way that reflects her own personality. That is why we are making it easy for anyone to customize their home décor in a way that reflects their own royal side.