Exploring the Poppy White Collection

Exploring the Poppy White Collection

 The Poppy White design is the perfect way to incorporate soft floral elements into your home while maintaining a sleek, minimalist, and modern look. In this post, we will look at how you can style your home using designs such as this one. 

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The Poppy White Design


The Poppy White design features a prominent floral theme which incorporates poppy flowers and foliage along a dark background. The monochromatic nature of this design allows it to work well with any other coloring situation. 

You can see various shades of whites, grays, and blacks, all of which very tasteful, yet inspiringly beautiful. Although this design has plenty of dark elements, the overall aesthetic is actually a bright and uplifting one. 

As with all Queenie's Home designs, this one was created exclusively for us. If you love designs like this, Queenie's Home is the place to go. With that said, let's get into some examples!


Bedroom Examples of the White Poppy Design 


Even though the White Poppy design is a monochromatic one, you will see in the examples below that it actually works quite well against tones of browns (such as the hardwood floor). 


The best look will likely be achieved by incorporating this design with clean colors and layouts with alot of natural light. 


 Here's a wider example:


 And lastly, a more zoomed out one:


All of these images utilize the Poppy White Duvet Cover and matching shams. As you can see, this is a fine choice for any bedroom. 

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Exploring the Poppy White Collection


Although this design works well when realized as a bedding set, there are plenty of other fantastic uses as well. We have created an entire collection using this design which you can view below. 

View the entire Poppy White Collection 

Additionally, you can create your own variants of these products using our designs or even your uploaded images by visiting the link below.

Create a Custom Product

We hope you found this article helpful when planning out your home decor themes. Stay tuned for more product and design updates! 

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