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How to Custom Design Your Own Unique Home Decor and Products

January 31, 2020

Image of pillows with different designs and text overlay that reads “Creating custom home decor using your own images and designs”

Wondering how to custom design your own unique home decor products? Queenie’s Home is a print-on-demand retailer and manufacturer that creates unique home decor products. We work with your image files and designs to help you create your own custom products.

Want a photo of your furry best friend on a pet bed? Done. Want to see a design you've made in Photoshop come to life on a dining room table runner? We've got it covered!

We make it easy to customize and design your own home decor products with no minimum orders. We serve individuals, designers, and small businesses in their product creation and manufacturing needs.

Queenie's Home Custom Home Decor

Queenie’s Home uses specialized software that prepares an image or design for a range of different print-on-demand home decor products. These products include:

  • Duvet Covers and Shams
  • Throw Pillows (various sizes)
  • Pet beds and Pet Bandanas
  • Tote Bags
  • Throw Blankets (various sizes)
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Floor Mats
  • Table runners and Napkin sets
  • Wall Tapestries
  • Shower Curtains

While we offer a curated library of designs for home products, our specialty is enabling customers to create their own unique interior products.

This article should serve as an introduction to using our design tools to visualize and create custom home products. When you are ready to begin, read on.

Create Your Custom Product

Put down those scissors and the measuring tape. We're going to make this easy!

Begin by choosing a product to customize on our website. Once you're on the product page, click "Customize Product".

customize product button

You will then see the "Quick Fit" interface displayed which allows you to prepare one of your own images for product customization.

Using Your Own Images and Designs

Begin by clicking "Upload Image"that is displayed on the product page.

upload image button

Select an image from your computer and upload it.

(Note: Please be sure to only select images that belong to you and/or images for which you hold the copyright. Uploading photos or designs that do not belong to you violate copyright laws. Queenie's Home will cancel any order which violates copyright and is under no obligation to produce orders that infringe upon copyrights.)

Once you've uploaded your image, it will be displayed as below.

screenshot of an uploaded user image

You may have up to 5 images uploaded at one time.

Pro Tip: Each time you click to change the "Active" image, your Quick Fit choices reset. Quick Fit choices are also product-specific, and you will need to customize different products individually. If you've repeated a design out in a way you like, add that product to the cart to save your customization choices. You can later go to the cart to increase the quantity you'd like to order or remove it if you've changed your mind.

Customizing Your Product Image

screenshot of quick fit tool using customer image with a green floral pattern

Using the Quick Fit tools, you may now adjust the image to your liking using "Center", "Scale", "Fill", or "Repeats". If your image on its own is larger than the product, then the "Center" option may not be available to you. In that case, we would recommend the "Scale" option to achieve a similar look.

If your image does not cover the whole Quick Fit canvas, you may see white bars. This indicates where the product fabric will show around your image. In most cases, this is not desirable. We recommend adjusting your image to cover the full canvas.

The Quick Fit canvas has a gray border. This indicates the areas of the design that may not be visible or may appear only on the side of the finished product. You will want your design to extend into the gray area while ensuring the most visually important parts of your design stay in the white area between the borders.

Designing With Repeats

If you choose "Repeats", more options are available to you.

screen shot of design tool featuring customer uploaded image with repeats

When the slider is more to the left, it creates "Less" repeats. This means there will be fewer repetitions of your image, typically resulting in the image being displayed larger.

When the slider is more to the right, it creates "More" repeats. This means there will be more repetitions of your image, typically resulting in the image being displayed smaller.

screenshot of uploaded user image in design tool with repeats selected

You can use the rulers on the sides of the Quick Fit canvas to gauge how large or small your image repeat is. (Note: The rulers are for rough estimate only. We do our best to visually represent the product image but cannot account for individual browser displays and other technical variables.)

Using the Vertical and Horizontal Drop Tool

For more advanced designs, the "Drop" function is available when "Repeats" is selected.

screenshot of the vertical drop dropdown menu in design tool

The drop function offsets rows or columns within the repeated design pattern to achieve different looks. For designers using repeatable square images, this will allow for proper repeat functionality. For those using single, stand-alone images, this can create interesting checkered views of your product.

In most cases, "No Drop" will be the likely choice for customers, although we encourage you to test the drop function for your own inspiration.

Preview and Save to the Cart

When you are happy with your design and how it appears within the Quick Fit canvas, click the "Preview My Product" button.

screenshot of "preview my product" button

This will open a separate window that will display a rendering of your design on a 3D image of the product.

Queenie's home design tool rendering of customer uploaded Elizabeth rose floral pattern on a square throw pillow

Note: Product previews are digital renderings only. We do our best to represent the approximate look of the finished product but cannot guarantee that each preview will be an exact match to the final, physical product. Please use this image only as reference and as a way to consider any further edits you may like to make using the Quick Fit canvas before ordering.

If you would like to make additional changes to your product, simply close the preview and makes adjustments within the Quick Fit interface.

When you are happy with your design, add your product to the cart!

An Important Note

Your Quick Fit choices are only saved once you add the product to the cart. If you navigate away from the product page or select a different "Active" image, your image and Quick Fit choices will be reset. In the cart, you can increase the quantity you'd like to order or remove it entirely if you've changed your mind. (Images and carts will expire after so many days, so be sure to check out to process your order.)

Ready to Design Your Own Products?

Let's get started! Click here to view all our customizable products and begin creating the perfect piece for your home.

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